Over 7 Billion Gifts Await You

Whatever gift God gives to you, it is to be given to others. Singing in the shower with a beautiful voice is a sin if you keep that beautiful voice to yourself. Use that beautiful voice to sing praises to your Lord, your God. And sing the Gospel to others so that they may know the goodness of the Lord and come to Him. Then your gift will be used for what it was intended for. God does want you to enjoy it personally, also. That's considered a Blessing. Everyone has so many different talents. Those talents can help so many other of Gods' children. Don't you teach your children to share? Well, we are Gods' children. Get to it. -- Think of it this way. God has given you a gift to give to the world. That means that there are "7 billion" people waiting to give you their gift. Do the math. Who wins? -- So, you see your potential blessings? -- "Be Well, Be Blessed, Be His."


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