Devil Made Me Do It

By: GOD & J. F. McFadden

My little brother stood before our father in the den.

Just waiting for a lecture or a spanking to begin.

Somebody broke some ornaments beneath the Christmas tree.

He said it wasn’t him, I swore by God it wasn’t me.

I’m normally the most convincing, he is mostly shy.

God wanted me to speak the truth, the Devil made me lie.

A man slipped on a piece of fruit and fell right to the ground.

I was but one of many who began to gather ‘round.

He wasn’t hurt, but getting up would take a little while.

Embarrassed just a little, he began to crack a smile.

He must have thought I had a very ugly evil half.

God wanted me to help him up, the Devil made me laugh.

A woman preached the Gospel at a church that I attend.

She’d pace across the stage and sometimes jump and sometimes bend.

I noticed that her sweater wasn’t buttoned to the top.

I didn’t want to notice, but I didn’t want to stop.

I found that I was looking, but it wasn’t at her hair.

God wanted me to look away, the Devil made me stare.

A family was stuck beside the freeway, out of gas.

They waved an empty gas can as my car began to pass.

My air conditioner was blowing like an arctic breeze.

The weather man said sunny and a hundred plus degrees.

That pavement was so hot it could have made a raw egg fry.

God wanted me to stop, the Devil made me drive on by.

A little boy had dropped his ice cream as he left the store.

He cried because he didn’t have enough to buy some more.

He bought it with the pennies of allowance that he gets.

I had enough for ice cream or a pack of cigarettes.

But, then again, I guess he’ll get more money from his folks.

God wanted me to share, the Devil made me buy some smokes.

Two women walking near the park, two thugs not far behind.

It seemed the thugs had nothing but misgivings on there minds.

The thugs were closing distance as the women neared the park.

The street lights were not on yet and the sky was getting dark.

I knew the thugs would leave if I would join the women’s side.

God wanted me to walk them home, the Devil made me hide.

Some people talked about my God and used His name in vain.

They knew I was a Christian and they knew I’d Feel the pain.

They talked about my Jesus and they were not very fond.

They wanted me to turn in shame, I wanted to respond.

I knew that I could quote out scripture ‘til there hearts were won.

God wanted me to stand my ground, the Devil made me run.

A women buying groceries was at the checkout stand.

With baby bottles in her cart and diapers in her hand.

She went through all her pockets as the cashier stood and frowned.

She never noticed that she dropped her money to the ground.

I picked it up as she went out to check the parking lot.

God wanted me to give it back, the Devil made me…not.

Last Christmas they were passing out free turkeys and free hams.

And baskets filled with stuffing mix and dinner rolls and yams.

The line was long and filled with homeless folks and single moms.

I stood up on the sideline with the Harrys, Dicks and Toms.

I had a decent job and I was making overtime.

God wanted me to leave, the Devil made me cut in line.

I recently got hired at a new store in the mall.

With several other people, but I worked and passed them all.

Because I worked so hard the owners said that they were pleased.

And then they made me manager and gave me my own keys.

I didn’t get beside myself, I tried to keep it real.

God wanted me to show success, the Devil made me steal.

I put aside my ten percent, to give it to the Lord.

I put it in an envelope, that’s all I could afford.

But, on my way to church I had to hit the outlet store.

With their entire stock on sale…I’m buying more and more.

I opened up that envelope, my spending didn’t stop.

God wanted me to give my tithe, the Devil made me shop.

The preacher called for testimonies in my church, today.

Since God has been so good to me, I had so much to say.

God wanted me to stand and speak so everyone could see. 

How I rose out of ashes to my present victory.

I had the perfect testimony, never did I quit.

God wanted me to testify, the Devil made me sit. 

I felt just like a puppet in the palm of Satan’s hand.

But then I read the Bible and began to understand.

More power than the devil, God put into me and you.

So how can Satan make me do the bad things that I do.

That “Devil made me do it “ phrase…I put it on the shelf.

I realized the things I did…I did them by myself.

A man was standing trial for something He had never done.

And though he faced a certain death…he still refused to run.

I know he didn’t do a thing and others also knew.

The folks that stood behind him were his mother and his crew.

He could have changed his story or he could have run away.

God sent Christ to die on the cross, the Devil had no say.