Half Full Half Empty

By: GOD & J. F. McFadden

     Sometimes the complication of simplicity makes you sinful. Like when one ponders whether or not the glass is half full or half empty. Sometimes I wonder if someone drank the other half or did I just get shortchanged. Ever wonder what is in the glass? And if you aren’t thirsty, does it even matter? I use to tell everyone to think positive and always consider the glass half full. But, then I started to wonder, what if it is half full of something you hate? Regardless of the correct answer, will time allow you to ponder forever? I think not. I think that you have two apposing forces at work, knowledge and nature. What I mean is, if you take too long on the subject, there is the likelihood that whatever is in the glass will begin to evaporate. Then you will have one of life’s new big questions to answer. Is the glass one quarter full or three quarters empty? Or, in my case, who drank half of my half of glass of water? Is there a hole in the bottom of my glass? How long do I have before the rest disappears? And, if the rest disappears, will I get a refill or will someone take my glass? 

     There is one question that I can answer. And that question is...what is the price of a refill? Well, believe it or not and you have heard this answer hundreds of times before. The answer is Jesus. Yes, Jesus is the answer to so many of life’s questions and He is also the answer to this one. Jesus is the living water. Through Him your cup, or glass in this case, will overflow.

     Now let us put religion, beliefs, theology, and everything similar aside to get to a purely scientific version of life’s half full half empty question. When you go through a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru window and get a drink, knowing how much ice they put in to save money on the actual liquid that you wish they would put more of in, ask yourself a question. Are there three slurps in the cup or four? Sometimes I think that we will have to wait until Jesus returns just to get a fair ratio of ice and drink. And yet, for all of the optimist out there, another good reason to await the return of our Lord and Savior.  


     Wow...peace on earth “and” enough soda pop to properly accompany your meal. Mankind will never thirst again.